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        Product list
        • Vacuum conveyor
        Vacuum conveyor


        Summary :
        Vacuum conveyor is a kind of dust free airtight pipeline conveying equipment with vacuum suction to transmit particles and powder materials. The gas flow in the pipeline is formed by using the pressure difference between the vacuum and the environment space, and the powder material is transported. China has introduced advanced foreign vacuum technology, constantly improved and continuously improved, and is now widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, building materials, and agricultural and Deputy light and heavy industry.

        Structure :

        The vacuum conveyer is mainly composed of high pressure blower, separating cylinder, closed air blower, connecting pipe, suction nozzle and conveying pipe. The working principle is that the negative pressure (or vacuum) air flow produced by the high pressure fan is inhaled through the nozzle, the hose is inhaled by the hose, the air is separated from the material through the separation cylinder, the material rotates down to the air shuttles, the valve is closed to the outlet of the fan, and the positive pressure air passes through the pipeline to the required place, and the material is separated from the material. The gas enters the fan upward through the sieve tube cylinder of the separating cylinder (through the dust collector) and the air volume regulating valve of the connecting pipeline.