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        Product list
        • Screw conveyor
        Screw conveyor




        Applicability :

        The machine is mainly used with ZX series packaging machine to reduce dust, reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency. It is divided into two kinds of stainless steel and carbon steel according to the material. The mouth can be made into round or square orifice.

        The working principle of the feeder :
        、The screw feeder is driven by the motor to drive the reducer to the screw.
        、The screw feed is fed from the feed port and is forced by the screw to deliver the material to the discharge port.
        、The spiral feeder can be adjusted by frequency conversion, continuously variable speed and fixed speed for users' reference.
        Variable frequency speed regulation: the frequency of the motor can be adjusted by the frequency converter to change the speed of the motor, and at the same time, the speed of material transportation is changed.
        Continuously variable transmission: This is a kind of motor speed adjustment, so as to adjust the speed of transportation.
        Fixed transportation: according to the requirement of customers, through the reduction of cycloidal reducer, to achieve the volume required by customers, such transportation can not change the speed of transportation.

        Superiority of spiral feeder :

        、Screw feeding machine is a kind of spiral rotating material to push forward, and push the material forward.
        、Screw feeding is made of spiral compulsive motion, so the screw feeder is not affected by the specific gravity of the material and the fluidity of the material.
        、The spiral feeding can be vertically fed, which can send materials to higher places and reduce the travel of transportation.

        Working parameters and models of spiral feeder :

        Model Motor power Transport capacity kg/ Noise dba Remarks
        LXJ-89 0.55-0.75KW 400-600 60-65 Continuous feeding
        LXJ-108 0.75-1.1KW 600-800 60-65 Continuous feeding
        LXJ-133 1.1-1.5KW 800-1000 60-65 Continuous feeding
        LXJ-159 1.5-2.2KW 1000-1300 60-65 Continuous feeding
        LXJ-219 2.2-3KW 1200-1500 60-65 Continuous feeding
        LXJ-259 3-5.5KW 1500-2000 60-65 Continuous feeding