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  • Ultrasonic vibrating screen
Ultrasonic vibrating screen


Working principle :
The basic principle of the ultrasonic vibration screen is that the high frequency electric oscillation generated by the oscillator is converted to sine and longitudinal oscillation by the speed converter. These fluctuations are transmitted to the pre assembled rod resonators and then evenly transferred to the sifter.

Characteristic :

It has the function of self cleaning, and the mesh is not blocked. Change the characteristics of the sieving material. No need to add bounce ball and other anti blocking devices, and prolong the service life of the screen. It is suitable for 40-635 mesh, especially for screening 100 mesh particles. The particle size can be increased by 1-70% and the yield is increased by 10 times. The screening granularity is very high, which effectively solves the problems of strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high classic, high density and light weight.

General technical parameters :