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        Product list
        • Pressure spray dryer
        Pressure spray dryer

        YPG series pressure spray drying granulation machine

        Spray dryer is a kind of machine which uses hot air continuous drying device to instantly dry pulp into powder. Using a pressure nozzle or a special two fluid, the size of the slurry is spherulized by the three fluid nozzles, and when the surface area is increased, a continuous hot air is applied to make it dry immediately after contact with the hot air. Therefore, spray granulation technology has no deterioration for heat sensitive materials. It can save concentration, filtration, grinding, classification, powder metallurgy, precision ceramics, and can produce high density and consistency products.
          The factory has a rich and practical experience of the technical team, referring to the measured data and past experience values to design machine configuration, flow, size, slurry transport and mixer, high speed disperser, adhesive melting furnace and so on, and to clear the wall of the tower to meet the needs of different needs. .