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        Product list
        • V type mixer
        V type mixer



        Experimental type V mixer



          The V mixer is suitable for the uniform mixing of the powder, which is more reasonable than the general mixer design, the mixing efficiency is higher, and the operation is more simple. The mixing cylinder is made of stainless steel and polished inside and outside. There is no dead angle in the structure design. The cleaning is convenient and thorough. The upper part of the cylinder is provided with two feeding ports, and different materials are added respectively, and a discharge port is arranged at the bottom. The cylinder can be controlled by electric appliance to rotate to any angle for discharging. Other materials can be used according to the requirements of the user. The wall of the cylinder can be lined with PO polypropylene. The uniformity of the mixture can reach 99.99%. (forced mixing is not good for material flow performance)
          The rotation time of the cylinder can be controlled by the time relay. Automatic parking by machine at a predetermined time
          There is a guard bar on the operation surface. When the machine is running normally, there is a retaining block to ensure the safety of the operator.
          Large V mixer is equipped with operation platform for easy operation and maintenance. (Note: the machine can be protected by nitrogen)

              This machine is equipped with a forced agitator, which is suitable for mixing materials with a small specific gravity (less than 1kg/L) or a specially fine particle size (less than 0.8um). The rotation of the forced agitator is opposite to that of the cylinder, and the rotational speed is generally 0-500 revolutions / points.

        Main parameter :

        Specifications Power (kw) Volume (liter) Shape size (LXWXH)
        V-10 0.37 22 950x750x1000
        V-20 0.55 50 1350x510x1080
        V-70 0.75 150 1800x650x1980
        V-100 1.5 240 2150x650x1980
        V-200 3 480 2400x650x2050
        V-300 4 600 2500x700x2200
        V-400 5.5 900 2800x1000x2500
        V-500 7.5 1250 300x1200x3300
        V-1000 15 2500 3500x1200x3500
        V-1500 15 3500 3800x1400x3600
        V-2000 18.5 5000 4000x1500x3800
        V-3500 22 7000 4200x1800x4000