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        Product list
        • Single cone twin screw mixer
        Single cone twin screw mixer

        Structure characteristics of DZH cone type screw belt mixer :

           DZH helical ribbon mixer consists of single stage reducer (infinitely variable speed), transmission part, cylinder cover, cylinder, inner screw and outer spiral belt. The discharge valve and other components are made up. The equipment is equipped with a variety of styles (scraper, inner spiral, outer spiral belt), and can also be double cone structure to adapt to different materials and more suitable for mixing of fluid materials with high viscosity. DZH ribbon mixer, it is agitated viscous fluid or thick, wet, paste based, can also be mixed powder. Particle logistics, the machine is widely used in adhesives, silicone rubber, dyes, pigments, ink, paraffin, paint, resin, cream, ointment, detergent, washing powder, food additives, milk powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, chocolate, feed, bio fertilizer, new building materials and so on.

        Motion form of DZH conical double helix mixer :

        1.The spiral revolution along the wall makes the material move round the cone wall.
        2.Spiral self rotation causes the material to rise from the bottom of the cone to the spiral
        3.The spiral common and self rotation compound movement makes a part of the material absorbed into the spiral cylindrical surface and is simultaneously subjected to the centrifugal force of spiral rotation, so that a part of the material in the spiral cylindrical surface is discharged to the cone radial.
        4.The rising material is reduced by its own gravity
        5.The four movements produce convection, shear and diffusion in the mixer, so as to achieve the goal of rapid and homogeneous mixing.


        Total volume
        Rotation speed
        Rotation speed
        Motor power
        Mixing time
        Outer size
        200 0.2 0.2-0.8 143 2 3 6~10 890×1620
        300 0.3 0.3-1 143 2 3 6~10 940×1670
        500 0.5 0.5-1.5 143 2 3.5 6~15 1142×2000
        1000 1 2-2.5 57 2 5.2 8~18 1610×2520
        1500 1.5 2-4 57 2 5.2 8~20 1636×2800
        2000 2 2.5-5 57 2 7 10~25 1970×3130
        3000 3 4-7.5 57 2 8.7 10~25 2210×3470
        6000 6 7-15 53 1.6 18 10~27 3050×5920
        10000 10 12-20 53 1.3 29.5 10~30 3050×5920