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        Product list
        • VC High Efficiency Mixer
        VC High Efficiency Mixer


        Horizontal plough mixer


        Vertical plough mixer


        Scope of application
        Plough mixer is widely used in drying and mixing dry powder mortar, chemical, pesticide, detergent, pigment food, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, salt, feed, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, rubber additives and so on.


        ① The application of the core technology of the plough mixing mechanism of the latest concept, combined with the discrete stirring of the high speed rotating cutter head, is fast in mixing speed, and the mixing time of the main engine is 90-180s according to the different formula of the product.
        ② The mixing precision of mixing machine is high, all kinds of materials are easy and uniform, and the mixing does not produce segregation. The mixing ratio can be as high as 1:10000, and it can meet the construction requirements to the maximum extent.
        ③ A unique single door unloader. There is no dead zone, no residue, no leakage and unloading time. For color mortars, only simple cleaning or cleaning is needed when changing the formula.
        ④ Equipped with dynamic manual sampling port, it is convenient for users to sample and check, and can adjust the mixing time of the host according to the inspection condition of the products to meet the production requirements.
        ⑤ The imported alloy wear-resistant plate is used for mixing the main body of the main engine and the mixing blade. The high speed flying knife is used as a wear-resistant alloy casting. It has high wear resistance and prolongs the service life of the mixer.

        Working principle
        The LDH- plough mixer is driven by an active wheel reducer to drive the shaft of a plow. On the one hand, the material is moved along the circumference of the cylinder to the radial circumference, and the material is thrown along the normal direction of the plow blade. On the other hand, when the material is thrown through the flying knife group, the high speed rotating blade is cut and stirred and stirred strongly, and the material is in the plow knife. Under the combined action of the flying knife, the material of continuous change, diffusion, solid solid (powder and powder), solid pulp (powder and slurry) or material with larger density can also be mixed.

        Technical parameter

        Design and description of the main components