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        Product list
        • Powder mixer and pulverized machine
        Powder mixer and pulverized machine

        The contact part of the material is made of SUS304 stainless steel, the diameter of the cylinder is 800, the barrel length is 1200, the upper butterfly valve and the lower butterfly valve are all DN250 manual stainless steel butterfly valves, and the scraper propelling blade is used. The mixing and mixing effect is very good. The upper part with humidifying spray mouth mechanism is mainly aimed at the comparison of the proportion of mixed mixing materials. Large material and contaminated material, this photo is BFJ-200, motor power 7.5kw-6, speed 120 rpm. Besides this specification, the company also produces other different specifications and models, according to customer needs, specific capacity and other requirements are all

        Propeller blades, two left and right, push the scraper to the middle as a whole.


        Flour mixer back



        Spray humidifier