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        Product list
        • FS-16 type high efficiency pulverizer
        FS-16 type high efficiency pulverizer

        FS-16 type high efficiency pulverizer


        Main uses :
        The machine is designed and developed based on the principle of crushing and shearing. It is widely applied to the crushing of materials in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.
        The machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient disassembly and installation and cleaning, and has the advantages of smooth operation, convenient movement, low noise and good crushing effect.
        Working principle :
        This machine is a high speed running machine and smashed by a high speed blade. The machine selects a variety of lumps and different sizes according to different materials. The size of the machine is obtained by changing the blade and adjusting speed.
        Technical parameter :
        Motor power :7.5KW
        Blade :sus304Stainless steel blade
        Material: all contact with material sus304Stainless steel
        Network board: design network board according to the requirement of customer's granularity
        Cutting axis and rotating cutting speed 2100r/min
        Throughput :100kg-500kg/H