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        Product list
        • Vertical lift stirred ball mill
        Vertical lift stirred ball mill

        The emergence of vertical lifting ball mill has not only developed the unique patent technology of the vertical mixing ball mill and elevator in our country, but also the leading level in the world.
           At present, the existing vertical stirred ball mill mainly includes stirring shaft, stirring rod, frame, motor, reducer and ball mill barrel. Because the frame is the integral welding work piece, it causes a lot of inconvenience in the process of the user, and the equipment is a split type structure. The turbine worm structure can be used in the electric lifting and the ball milling bucket. The operation is simple, the time and the labor are saved, the maintenance and maintenance are convenient and quick.
        The equipment is widely used in electronic, ceramic, chemical, ink, paint, cosmetics and other industries. In addition, the equipment is equipped with the new development of the company's powder processing technology, making some special like ceramic industry powder processing time from the original equipment of more than 20 hours to the present two hours, and the energy consumption is it A fraction of a few.

        Technical parameter