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        Product list
        • Tank mill
        Tank mill


        GM series roller ball mill and GM series roller ball mill are fine grinding equipment for laboratory or small batch production.
        The machine is characterized in that the material that needs to be processed is placed in the ball mill and is stamped on the pallet, and the screw can be started by tightening the gland screw. At work, the tray rotates at a high speed to drive the ball milling tank to rotate at a high speed. Under this movement, the grinding ball in the ball mill can produce a high frequency impact and friction force on the material under the action of the inertia force, and the material is quickly grinded.
        The machine has novel appearance, advanced structure and convenient operation. The optimization design of the rotating speed of the tank body, the tank body is made of the best rotation of the rubber roller, can make the medium ball in the grinding tank form the tilting movement of the dispersed material. The best grinding effect can be made for the users to make stainless steel, manganese steel, alumina, zirconium porcelain, nylon, and wear-resistant rubber. Can also be made according to user needs: stepless speed regulation, variable frequency speed regulation, fixed speed three kinds for users to choose.

        Engineering data

        Model Total volume of a single ball mill (L) Effective volume of a single ball milling tank (L) Number of ball mill Roller number Roller root number Power(KW)
        GM-2 2 1 2-6 1 3 0.37
        GM-4 4 2 2-6 1 3 0.75
        GM-6 6 3 2-8 2 4 1.1
        GM-10 10 5 2-8 2 6 2.2
        GM-20 20 10 2-6 3 9 4
        GM-30 30 15 2-6 3 9 5.5