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Ball mill series



 The structure characteristics of the octagonal ball mill :

BJ series skew mixer equipment features: the design of the grinding barrel and the horizontal line is 34 degree angle inclination angle, the ball mill barrel is made into octagonal or hexagonal shape, so that the material and grinding medium in the bucket elevator, impact, friction, shear and other movement state compared to the ordinary roller type ball mill changes, thus improving the efficiency of ball milling and mixing.
In the design of the octagonal ball mill, considering the convenience of loading and unloading, the position of the ball mill is located by the photoelectric controller, which can be connected with the stainless steel screen equipment and other equipment, and the operation is convenient. The ball mill barrel can also be made into an inclined angle or a closed type dust cover according to the requirements of customers, so as to avoid dust pollution during discharging. The barrel is lined with nylon, tetrafluoroethylene, polyurethane, stainless steel, alumina, zirconia, manganese steel and so on.

Technical parameter

Model Effective size of cylinder Volume Loading capacity (kg) Speed Power Shape size
BJ-50   570x640  163  50  41  3  1825x950x1750
BJ-100   680x760  275  100  41  5.5  1910x1000x1920
BJ-200   860x1060  615  200  34  7.5  2530x1100x1980
BJ-300    1010x1250  1000  300  34  11  2560x1200x2090
BJ-450   1150x1450  1500  450  34  22  2800x1450x2300