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        Product list
        • Horizontal mill with disk agitator
        Horizontal mill with disk agitator

        Solution of lithium iron phosphate precursor nanoscale

        Main application :

        It is mainly applied to ultrafine grinding and dispersion of materials requiring "zero pollution" and high viscosity and high hardness.:
        1) Color paste / Color filter / TFT LCD :R﹑G﹑B﹑Y It has been successfully dispersed to nano scale, and the transparency needs more than 90%. The viscosity is controlled at 5-15 CPS and the moisture content is below 1%.
        2) Ink-jet Inks:Pigment Ink-jetInks has been successfully dispersed to nano scale with viscosity below 5 CPS.
        3) CMP (chemical mechanical polish) slurry:The size of the abrasive liquid needed for grinding the semiconductor wafer has reached the nanometer level and can satisfy the requirement of no metal ion precipitation.
        4) TiOPc (optical contact):The light conductor coated on the laser drum is dispersed to the nanometer level.
        5) Nano powder grinding, such as TiO2, ZrO2, Al2O3, ZnO, Clay, CaCo3,... It can be lapping to 30 nm.
        6) Nanoscale powder is dispersed. Such as dispersing nanopowders to polymers, or adding nanoscale powders to plastics, rubber and so on.
        7) The medicine meets nanometer level requirements and needs to meet FDA requirements.
        8) Food additives meet the requirements of nanoscale. Such as beta carotene. It needs to meet the requirements of GMP.
        9) Electronic chemicals meet nanometer level requirements and need to meet the problem of metal free ions precipitation.
        10) Other special military workers, aeronautical nanomaterials.
        11) Such as: electronic industry, photoelectric industry, pharmaceutical and biochemical industry, chemical fiber industry, building materials industry, metal industry magnetic materials, health products, biopharmaceutical and cell breakage, oxide, nanomaterial, pharmaceutical and biochemical industry, soap, leather, electronic ceramics, conductive paste, adhesive printing ink, textile, inkjet ink, core Chip polishing, cell breakage, cosmetics, inkjet ink, metal nanomaterials, plastic materials, special nano aviation materials and other industries.

        Main technical parameters of equipment
        Model Lapping cavity volume
        Processing quantity
        Main motor power
        Volume of mixer
        Amount of ball
        CXM-120 1 1-10L 4 0-2000 50 0.8L
        CXM-230 5 230L 11 0-1400 400 4L
        CXM-320 10 500L 22 0-1400 1000 8L
        CXM-468 20 1000L 45 0-960 1500 16L