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        Product list
        • Worm wheel grinder
        Worm wheel grinder

        Summary :
        The SMP horizontal nano sand mill has the technical knowledge and service to satisfy customers' multi type configuration from laboratory, pilot scale and mass production, and complete turnkey project.
        It can also design according to the needs of customers, according to the customer's good capacity, and set the type.
        The company provides standard and intelligent control systems to meet the needs of different customers. The intelligent control system ensures that all process parameters are monitored and recorded.

        Internal structure :

        Advantage :
        1、Special turbine structure design
        2、Special discharge separation system
        3、Double end mechanical seal with cooling circuit
        4、Frequency conversion debugging to control product precision grinding energy
        5、The design of cooling circuit with spiral guide has good cooling effect.
        6、Grinding cavity material: zirconia or polyurethane, wear-resistant, no metal pollution.

        Technical parameter table :
        Parameter / model SMP-1 SMP-5 SMP-10 SMP-15 SMP-20 SMP-30 SMP-60 SMP-90 SMP-250
        Main motor power (KW) 2.2-4.4 7.5-11 15-18.5 22-30 22-30 45 75-90 90-110 160-200
        Volume of cylinder (L) 1 5 10 15 21 33 62 91 250
        Feeding capacity (L/MIN) 1-5 1-12 5-10 5-15 10-20 10-25 25-50 70-90 100-500

        Application field :

        Ink jet, ceramic material, microelectronics and semiconductor, cosmetics, medicine, paper, food, biological science, fuel catalyst, metal oxide, pigment