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        Product list
        • Experimental molding sand mill
        Experimental molding sand mill


        The MB/SMP laboratory nano sand mill has a standard and intelligent control system to meet the needs of different customers. The intelligent control system ensures the monitoring and recording of all process parameters.

        Characteristic :
        1、It is suitable for circulating grinding of small mass material.
        2、PLC control system and touch panel can be selected for easy and convenient operation.
        3、The whole machine adopts stainless steel structure and has better acid and alkali resistance.
        4、It has independent electrical control box, optimized process control system, and runs more stable.
        5、Equipped with cooling water system and agitating circulation device, installation is simple, water, electricity and gas can be used.
        6、Equipped with mobile wheels, it can be moved freely, so that it can be placed flexibly.

        1、Carefully designed control system, easy to operate
        2、Mainframe easy maintenance and cleaning
        3、Small grinding cavity, more convenient and more economical
        4、The least cleaning solvent can complete the cleaning of material residues.
        5、The perfect combination design of the whole machine saves the space

        Process characteristics :
        1、The special turbine and rod pin design enables the abrasive medium to produce the best fluid movement and achieve constant and constant energy input.
        2、The perfect combination of mechanics and fluid enables materials to be mildly milled in the chamber.
        3、The self circulation process of multiple monomers inside the cavity efficiently realizes the narrowest distribution of particles and the smoothest particle shape.
        4、The effective conversion rate of energy is high, and the energy consumption per unit time is low.
        5、The precise inner wall binding process can improve the cooling and heat exchange rate of the cooling system and control the temperature of the material better.

        Application field :
        Ink jet, ceramic, microelectronics and semiconductor, cosmetics, medicine, medicine, paper, food, biological science, fuel catalyst, metal oxide, pigment, kaolin, rare earth, electronic slurry, barium carbonate, graphite